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Frequently Asked Questions

How can counselling help me?

Counselling can improve your self-awareness. It can help you understand your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. Exploring in counselling can offer insight about helpful changes you can make to improve your situation.

How do I choose the right counsellor for me?

Starting counselling is an important decision, and your connection with the therapist will be a crucial part of the work. Once you have selected the counsellor that you find more appealing on profile, it is recommended that you have an introductory call to talk to them in person. I offer a thirty-minute introductory video call free of charge in which you can ask any questions about me or counselling. You can also talk about what brings you to therapy and we can discuss how we can work together.

What happens after I decide to work with you?

If you decide to start counselling with me, I will send you a copy of the counselling agreement that explains the framework of our counselling relationship. Here you will read about things such as how to contact me, cancellation notice period, how to pay, how I handle your personal details and how I preserve your confidentiality. I will also confirm the agreed weekly day and time for our sessions. I will ask you to confirm your understanding of all by return email.

How frequent will the sessions be?

To make the most of the counselling work, I recommend regular weekly sessions on a set day and time, with a minimum of six consecutive sessions. I endeavour to accommodate clients who due to their life circumstances need a more flexible appointment planning.

What will the first session be like?

The first session will involve an assessment of your current circumstances. You can talk about the difficulties you are experiencing and how you would like counselling to help.

How much will counselling cost?

The counselling fee is GBP50.00 per fifty-minute session. This is payable by cash at the end of the session or by BACS payment after the session.

How are the online sessions held?

If you choose to have online sessions, I will send you a Google Meets link to connect. Upon confirmation of the sessions, you will receive a Google Meets invitation with the link. This link will be the same for the duration of our work together. You don't need any specific app to use Google Meets. Just click on the link and it will open in your web browser.

What if I have other questions that are not here?

Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have. I will respond to your query as promptly as possible.

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